How to become GST Ready using Shop101 App?

Under Good & Services Tax Act (GST), Online Sellers need to pay GST for every sale of their products.

Important GoI Announcement

Government has deferred implementation of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) and Tax Collection at Source (TCS) for smoother implementation of GST. For now, businesses can continue to sell on e-commerce platforms as earlier.

However, we recommend getting the GST registration completed at the earliest to avoid any hassles.

In the earlier posts, we had covered the 3 things required for an online seller to be GST Ready-

  1. GST Identification Number for your business
  2. GST Tax Rate applicable for your products to calculate tax to be paid
  3. GST Product Classification or HSN Codes for your products to file your tax

Shop101 will help you complete all these 3 things to be GST Ready.

We are happy to announce Shop101 App is now ready to take your GST tax registration status. To get started, follow the steps below-

  1. Download or update the Shop101 App
  2. Choose your current GST Status-
    1. “I have a GST ID/Provisional GST ID” then submit your details so that you can then proceed to make all your products ready for GST
    2. “I don’t have GST ID” then choose “help me register” option. Shop101 Team will help you be GST ready.

We will be releasing more informative videos on GST, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you don’t miss future updates.

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