GST: Next Steps for Online Sellers

In light of the recent announcement  from the Government, there is a lot of confusion amongst online sellers. We have received hundreds of queries regarding what needs to be done now.

If you are an online seller, here is what we would advise you to do:

  1. Given that almost everyone we have spoken to wants to build a long-term business, apply for GST right away to avoid any hassles later on
  2. Classify the products according to GST, once the GST-compliant Shop101 app update goes live
  3. Check the prices of your products to ensure that appropriate prices and taxes are being shown to your customers

Shop101 is prepared to support you fully in this journey. We will:

  1. Help you file for GST registration. Please find the details of registration here
  2. Release an app update to classify the products for GST. This ensures that the right taxes are applied to your products.
  3. File returns on your behalf (at a nominal fee), if you need help with that.

At Shop101, we will go all out to ensure that you have no issues in transitioning to this historic tax reform and are able to build a sustainable long-term online business.

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