How to collect GST tax from customers using Shop101 App?

Are you unsure of the right GST tax rate or HSN code every time you make a sale?

Here’s how Shop101 has made the process simple:

    1. Choose the GST classification for your products in the Shop101 app – right HSN code and GST tax rate are automatically applied.
    2. Every time a consumer buys from your website, GST is automatically calculated and applied on the product prices
    3. The amount paid by the customer includes product price + shipping & COD(as specified by you) + GST. This is transferred to your bank account every Tuesday
    4. You will deposit the taxes collected at the end of every month with the Government.
Remember, Shop101 system will only collect GST from your customers once your GSTIN (GST Identification Number) has been approved. So start GST classification as soon as the updated app is live even if you don’t have a GSTIN yet.
Simple. Isn’t it?

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