Answers to common questions sellers have on GST

Q. Will Shop101 cut taxes from my sales?

No. Shop101 will not cut taxes from your sales. The GST taxes are applied only after your GSTIN is verified and you choose to increase your prices to accommodate taxes in the app. When you do that, taxes will come to you to deposit to the government.

E-commerce seller.

Q. Who will pay GST to the Government?

You, the seller, will be paying GST to the Government. Shop101 enables you to collect GST taxes from the customers. The taxes will be transferred to you in the weekly payout. You will have full and complete responsibility of paying taxes.

E-commerce seller.

Q. Will Shop101 help sellers with GST filings?

Yes. Shop101 will launch a package to help you with GST filings at nominal charges. Start with getting a GSTIN today and Shop101 will be there to help you with the entire process of filings.

8 Replies to “Answers to common questions sellers have on GST”

    1. Hi Nasar, GST rate changes with category of your products. Please go to shop101 app and set GST category and you will be able to see applicable tax rates.

  1. Monthly How Much Sale’s. Regard I will register to GST?

    He Is Need Now ?

    I will sale monthly 50.000 Rupees Only.
    Than I need to Register ???

    Ambur Online

    1. Hi Zaffer, If you will be shipping from one state to another you need a GSTIN even for first sale. The limit is only for sellers who sell in their state.

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