Facebook page for business: A beginner’s guide

Facebook is the biggest social media network, with over 1.25 billion users since its existence. Facebook’s story started with college students and now, it is used by almost every individual who owns a smartphone. Now-a-days, even small businesses are turning to Facebook page for business promotions.

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Not using the network of over a billion users that Facebook offers would be like doing manual labour for something which can be done via machines. With the growth in digital marketing, Facebook is providing platforms and tools for businesses.

Based on target audience preferred by the company, Facebook advertisements can be categorised according to the location. The targeting of the audience is done on the basis of the demographics and interests as revealed by the company.

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To have a Facebook Business page is, therefore, an efficient means of marketing. Seven reasons that will urge you to have a Facebook Business profile –

  1. Zero or minimum investment – The investment required for advertisements on Facebook is a very small. This makes Facebook the best place to advertise. And in turn, provides opportunities for the company to sell on Facebook. If you know what gets your target customers excited, you can build your brand and order entirely organically.
  2. Engaging shoppers – Facebook marketplace is enough to prove that Facebook boasts huge number of shoppers among its active users. You can sell on Facebook marketplace or create a unique brand on Facebook. Either way, you will never be short of the right audience.
  3. Brand building – It helps in creating and establishing a brand which may eventually help in building you an online store / business. To sell online through Facebook, you need to make frequent posts that are relevant and attractive. Having engaging content, and proper communication channel is a must for succeeding here.
  4. Product feedback – A Facebook business page becomes a convenient platform to reach out to the targeted audience. It is easier to get feedback from them about the products that you are trying to sell.
  5. Customer hunt – With Facebook it is easy to connect with people. Building up your network will help you in finding new potential customers for your products.
  6. Eye on competition – It helps you identify what other similar businesses are doing better online and handpick ideas which could work for you as well.

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If you’re still reading, you now understand that having a Facebook business page now plays critical in rise of a business. Here’s a step-by-step guide on creating one:

Step 1 – Go to Facebook home page. Click on the sign up option at the bottom of the business page.

Step 2 – Choose a category you wish to classify your business. The page can be classified as

  • local or company,
  • organisation,
  • brand or product,
  • artist, band, or public figure, and many more.

Step 3 – Write the name of your business/online store as the page name, and choose a subcategory to best describe the business.

Step 4 – Update with a company logo in the place of profile picture for the store, write a good page description, and fill in basic information to complete page creation.

Step 5 – Beyond that is the most crucial and fun task i.e to put right content on the page. You need to make regular interesting posts relevant to your customers; reach out and communicate you’re your existing and potential customers, and keep them engaged on your page.

Step 6 – Upon posting, check the analytics and insights provided by Facebook regularly. This will help you better understand and plan what content works well with your target audience; what your current efforts are resulting into; what should you do next to reach the next level of following, engagement and business growth.

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Integrating social media channels with your online store would be an additional bonus to your growing business. Adding your social media handles to your online store gives your business credibility and helps build trust. Shop101 can help you in doing so.

Shop101 is an online selling platform for small businesses or start-ups. It helps you create a free online store in just 2 minutes. You can link your Facebook account with your online store with Shop101 app. The customers get to see your Facebook likes right on your page and can even like directly from there.

Most importantly, you get to directly share products on Facebook the help of the Shop101 app. So much power to you at zero cost. Get the Shop101 app for free on play store or app store and start your online selling journey.

If you are excited about growing an online business, Facebook is a great place for you to start your search of right customers and what better than stepping up your business game with online business app such as Shop101. So much power right in the palm of your hand.

Happy selling!

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