Online Reselling: Beginners’ Course

About Course

This is a beginner level course for Online Reselling, brought to you by Shop101. Complete the course to get 200 credits in your account and a Certificate in Online Reselling to show the world!


Welcome to the beginner level course on Online Reselling! This course is meant to get you started with basic concepts of online reselling. From this course, you’ll gain expertise on how to start your own online business from home without any investment.

Topics covered in this course

  • Who can make money online?
  • Why should you make money online?
  • How to begin online career: A step by step approach
  • What is online reselling?
  • Why online reselling?
  • How to become a successful reseller?
  • How to promote your reselling business on Social media?
  • How and what to Resell?
  • Using Reselling apps
  • How to find the right product for your customer
  • Reselling via WhatsApp
  • Get access to Facebook Marketplace
  • Sharing products on FB marketplace
  • How to place your orders for your customers?
  • Get your profits directly in your bank account
  • Margin payments

Certification and Rewards

You will graduate from this course with a Certificate in Online Reselling that you can proudly share, display and flaunt!

You’ve taken the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur!

After completing the course, you will also get 200 Credits in your Shop101 account. Each Credit is equivalent to 1 Rupee!


Topics for this course

16 Lessons27m 24s

Why should you start making money online??

This lesson gives an overview for who can start earning money online, why should one consider doing so and a step-by-step approach to having a successful career online.
Who can make money online?2:04
Why should you make money online?2:40
How to begin: A step by step approach3:02
Quiz 1: Earning money online

Introduction: Online Reselling?

This lesson is an introduction to the concept of online reselling, why one should choose it and how one can eventually become a successful reseller.

How to grow your business??

Every business needs the right platform to prosper. Learn how to promote your reselling business on social media platforms to the right audience and how to choose the right products to cater to them through reselling apps.

Become a master Reseller with Shop101?

Learn how to find the right product and promote it on Whatsapp and Facebook-all of this through the Shop 101 app.

Earn profit from each sale?

Learn about how you can place orders on Shop 101 app, profits and the margin payments that you earn.

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