Online Reselling on Instagram

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About Course

This beginner online reselling course will help students to build their business on Instagram.


This is a beginners course for online reselling with focus on Instagram.  The course has been broken down in 4 lessons with a step-by-step process on how to begin online reselling on Instagram. The topics covered in this course are:

  • What is online reselling?
  • Why online reselling?
  • How to become a successful online reseller?
  • How to choose the right products on Shop 101?
  • How to create your own website through Shop 101 app?
  • What all do you need to create account on Instagram?
  • How to create your account on Instagram?
  • How to resell your products on Instagram?
  •  How to use Instagram stories to maximize selling your products?
  • How to place your orders for your customers?
  • Get your profits directly in your bank account.
  • Margin payments

At the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed to take your online reselling business to Instagram!

Topics for this course

12 Lessons33m 12s

Introduction to online reselling?

In short, this video will tell you what is online reselling, why should you consider it and how can you start your own successful business by online reselling.
What is online reselling?02:21
Why online reselling?02:48
How to become a successful online reseller?02:37
Quiz1: Introduction to Online Reselling

How to choose right products and make your own website??

The video is a step by step process of choosing the right products for your customers and create your own website on Shop 101 app

How to resell products on Instagram??

The topic will cover the basics creating account on Instagram and reselling through it. Also, how to use the Instagram features to increase your sales and promote your products.

Earn from Profits?

Watch this video to learn how to place orders for your customers on Shop 101 app and earn from profits.

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