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Digital marketing salaries vary from profile to profile and also have a lot to do with experience. So here are the best job profiles for you!

Digital marketing is one of the most popular professions of the 21st century. The Internet has surely opened a lot of doors for the millennials today. Digital marketing is one of them. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop or in some cases even mobile phones do the job. But this field in itself is very vast and there is a lot of scope for you to do many things within it. Digital marketing salaries vary on the basis of one’s experience and profile and that’s what we will talk about through the course of this article. But before we start let’s try and understand what actually is Digital Marketing all about?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, in simple words, is a branch of marketing that uses the Internet and digital technologies for promotions and advertising. This branch of marketing became popular in the 2000s and has only evolved since then. Every brand today uses digital marketing to promote its products and services. Let’s look at some of the popular branches within digital marketing where you can make a career.

Digital marketing salary- The different profiles you can explore

Affiliate marketing

earn money through digital marketing
Affliliate Marketing

In simple words, Affiliate marketing refers to promoting products and services of other companies and earning commission through it. You’re basically a third-party company that takes the responsibility of generating leads and customers for other companies.

In 2015, Business Insider reported that 15% of digital media industry came from Affiliate marketing and the number has been growing since then. The best part is you can work from home and be a one-man/one-woman army for this. All you need is a blog or a YouTube channel.

How much can you earn? Well, that depends on a lot of factors such as your expertise and niche. However, you may start small but your earnings will only grow more with time.

Social Media Marketing

earn money through digital marketing

We live and breathe in the social media age. From posting about your daily life to tales about your travels, almost everyone is familiar with the importance of social media in our lives. On platforms, where everyone spends most of their time, how can we expect the brands to be away from it? Every successful brand and upcoming brands have a social media page. Moreover, many small businesses began their journey on social media and are now running successfully.

You can run campaigns, create awareness about products and services, answer queries and take feedback from customers. The remarkable thing about social media is that out of 10 factors, 7 factors are social media dependant if you want to scale high on Google search. Thus, whether you work for a company or independently, social media marketing has great scope for a career. Because of the diversity of the role, many companies outsource social media marketing to digital marketing agencies.

If you’re starting out in social media marketing then the average salary in India is ₹1.5L- ₹3L. However, there is a lot of growth with experience. It is your enthusiasm that will ultimately decide your success in a career in social media marketing.

SEM marketing- a good way to earn money through marketing

One of the most sought-after areas in digital marketing is search engine optimization since every brand today wants to rank in the top Google search results. For SEM marketing, you need to have an understanding towards tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Search Console and much more. This branch of marketing involves that helps increase PPC (Pay-per-click) rate of the websites of the brands. In simple, you should have knowledge of the tools that will help make the content on the platform more engaging that it gets you customers.

The kind of careers that are popular within SEM marketing includes PPC analyst and SEO specialist. A PPC analyst in India can earn an average salary of ₹2.5L with a 1-year experience. Others like SEO specialist earns slightly less than PPC analyst (about ₹2.2L). However, this area is going to stay and only grow as everything piece of content depends on SEM marketing. If you have interested and eager to learn, then you must definitely pursue a career in this field.

Online reselling at Shop101

This is way to market your products to your customers, without having to actually invest in your reselling business. Why is it digital? Because it functions through an app and all you need to do is download, sign up and create your online store. The Shop101 app makes reselling a fun experience because it is not just a zero investment platform but also a risk free one.

Furthermore, you can pick the products from the product catalog and resell them in your store. The thing to remember is that you need to share product information on social media. The app makes it easy for you to share on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook so you can actually grow your business.

You can also create your own website by choosing the best themes for your brand. There are also many marketing and promotional tools available on the app that will help increase your visibility and get you more orders. So if you’ve wanted to become a reseller, this form of digital marketing is the best one there is. It is flexible and it pays you weekly too. To know more about online reselling, watch the video below.


This is not a complete list of careers under digital marketing. However, the scope of growth in digital marketing is immense and if one takes liking towards the field of their choice, then the sky is the limit in terms of growth and opportunities. If you’re expecting a good digital marketing salary, you need to start building on your experience now.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the world’s dependency on the Internet and with the way things are going it seems that digital marketing is here to stay for a very long time. You can definitely earn money through digital marketing and make it a long standing career choice.


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