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Small shop owners are facing a set back during this lockdown. So here's a guide for them on How to Earn Money Online at Home.

Are you finding it difficult to create an online presence for your small business?  The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the patterns of customer interaction in a significant way. Thus, developing the right online presence has become even more critical. Moreover, competition is at an all-time high which is why the search for ‘how to earn money online from home’ is trending.

Before we begin, it must be mentioned that every business needs to study the landscape of customer experience in detail. Poor customer experience is one of the fastest ways to endanger the prospects of your business. That is why all the top brands in the world are trying their best to provide the most exceptional digital experience to their customers.

In this article, we will sum up the best tips that will help you to find the answer to the question of “how to earn money online at home.”

how to earn money online at home

Understanding The Customer’s Journey

Just learning how to earn money online from home is not enough. Firstly, it is crucial to understand the path that leads the customer to your product, so that you can deliver them the best experience. This journey starts with product awareness. It moves to product research, and then to product selection and ends with a store visit. 

Understanding the path will provide you with a range of important information about the customer, including their preferences, the devices they use, and the obstacles they face while buying. With this data, you can learn more about your customer base and update your business strategy as needed. The online reseller can also use this step to develop the right business strategies.

Identifying The Brand Personality

One advantage of being a small shop owner is that you can create a specific brand persona to show your customers what exactly separates you from your competitors. For this, you need to identify those aspects of your business that makes you unique and help you to stand out from the rest. This can be done through various ways like website design, target-specific content, and promotional features. Once the personality of your brand is well established, it will stick to the customer’s mind more easily. Shop101 allows you to share product links on your social media handles to resell them. You can use this feature by syncing the content that you send out with your brand’s personality. This will help you to establish a unique identity for your brand. 

Make Sure That The Site Is Easy To Load

Make sure that the website loads fast on both mobiles and computers. Ideally, a business website should load within a few seconds to create the right impression. With customer attention spans becoming shorter, any site that takes a lot of time to load will not be able to hold their attention. They will migrate towards your competitors. Since a large chunk of the customers will access your site through their mobile phones, make sure that mobile accessibility of the website is free from any glitches.

Simple Navigation

It is important to value your customer’s time. It is necessary that they are able to navigate through your website very easily without losing their interest. For this, you must implement high-quality search technology that will connect the customer’s intent with the site content. This will also help you to gather the required data to provide a better experience in the future. As an online reseller, if this seems too expensive, you can keep the overall site layout simple and interesting at the same time. 

Customer Contact Is Important

When you ask “how to earn money online at home?”, you are not trying to set up a physical store. Even though customers will not pay personal visits, they like to interact with a business that is easy to reach. Hence, it is vital to provide your contact details on your business’s Facebook/Instagram page. This enhances the overall reliability of the company. You may need to set up an automated chat service that will help them to contact you any time during the day.

An Easy Checkout Facility

Many businesses fail to deliver a smooth checkout facility to the customers, resulting in them withdrawing at the last moment. A lengthy and complicated checkout process can adversely affect the overall sales figures. Quite a few businesses have lost significant amounts of sales due to this. So, the entire checkout process should be fast, simple, and seamless.

Proofreading The Content Is Necessary

One crucial step to effectively implement the strategies about how to earn money online at home is paying attention to the content of your page. Customers will be going through the content, and any mistake will affect the brand reputation. In general, grammatical errors and simple spelling mistakes are considered as examples of a less dependable brand. So make sure that the content is thoroughly checked before it is published. You can use the various available online tools to make your task more manageable in this aspect.

Include Customer Reviews

 A majority of consumers trust customer reviews.  Hence they play an essential part in the growth of a small business. For customers, reviews are a useful tool to check the details of a product.  Research indicates that customers prefer to interact with sites that have more product reviews written in them. However, it can be hard for a business that is just starting to gather sufficient product reviews. So, you can use the services of professional writers who can write genuine product reviews to include on your website. If you are reselling using Shop101, you can share the product links on your page as a ‘story’ and ask for feedback.

Add A Touch Of Emotion

Customers are not interested in a  business whose website has a dry and uninteresting tone. You will leave a lasting impression if you can integrate good product quality with the right emotional tone. The tone will depend on the nature of the business and the overall impression you want to create. It is also necessary to stay genuine and honest so that long term customer retention through an emotional connection is possible.

Understanding the Right Customer-Product Match

The inclination or desire of how to earn money online from home or start a business of your own is one of the most inherent reasons people choose to take the road of entrepreneurship and more often than not, it happens straight out of college. 

First-time entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas but don’t have the time to test each right. It’s like trying to catch too many rabbits at the same time when ultimately, you catch none. If you just nodded to that, then you must also be asking this question to yourself — how do I become an entrepreneur?

Well, you are in the right place looking for that answer. The following roadmap outlines how to find your target audience in the best way possible.

The Right Reason

The looming question of how to earn money online from home and become an entrepreneur should always start with the right reason. Entrepreneurship is considered a very appealing profession — you can be your own boss, wear pyjamas to work, throw office parties at will, and work whenever you want. While there is an undeniable excitement factor in becoming an entrepreneur, and most college graduates feel that they should ‘do something on their own’, it is not the right reason. While the spirit must be applauded, the reason to become an entrepreneur shouldn’t revolve around such materialistic factors, which will fade over time.

Customers love entrepreneurs who solve a challenging problem, have a solid reason to exist, and who make the world a better place. Though they might not be your first paying customer, once the foundation is strong you will know that you can become an entrepreneur even when you don’t feel like being one and that’s the right reason to start.  

The Right Blueprint

Once you have established your WHY, the answer to your question of how to become an entrepreneur becomes much clearer. Your reason for existence is established and now you need to answer the second question which is — How can I start my business?

Starting a business is no easy task and you will face plenty of hurdles along the way. The thrill of the entrepreneurship journey is not the destination but the road to it. ‘How to earn money online from home and start my business’ is a question that is best answered by understanding your target customer. In simple words, once you have your right reason to be in business, it will need customers, right? You have to identify who is yours.

A typical customer analysis by asking — who will buy my product or service?

For example, the typical customer for Netflix is someone who wants to watch good movies and shows mostly in their free time. These customers might be college students or working professionals. Keeping in mind that the subscription price for Netflix does fall on the higher segment region, its specific target customer is the urban class-dwellers in cities.

Understanding your specific target customer does not mean you are excluding customers who don’t fit your criteria, rather, it means that you focus your money and efforts towards those who are more likely to purchase your product/service. Keep questioning who are your customers and target them specifically, even if that means they are a handful. At least, they will pay.

The Right Product-Customer Fit

In the vibrant entrepreneurial world, the product-customer fit is a common concept. While it might seem like a round table conversation for million-dollar companies, it shouldn’t stop college graduates who are faced with the question — ‘how to earn money online from home and become an entrepreneur?’ to use it to start their business.

Product-customer fit can be best understood as the interplay between the products/service of a business with its customers. What it means is that customers are purchasing your product/service as soon as you make and release it in the market. In other words, the use of your product is growing just as fast as you replenish it. 

A good yardstick to judge the right fit is when customers sell your products without you having to pay a penny to them. A great example, in this case, is iPhones. The product-customer fit is so beautiful that people enthusiastically sell iPhones to potential customers, raising the sales of the iPhone every year, and creating new records.

The Continuous Improvement 

Many first-time entrepreneurs jump into starting their own business with the zeal of passion and a vision to achieve something. However, once they are on their entrepreneurial journey, many often forget that the key to becoming an entrepreneur lies in continuous improvement. 

Your customers will evolve and so will your business. To always be relevant and up-to-speed with your customer base,  you need to keep going back to the drawing board time and again. 

Stop assuming that you know your customer. Send out surveys, hold focus groups, take genuine feedback from regular, loyal customers. Don’t assume, ask. One of the best ways to understand your evolving target customer is to simply listen to them. They might tell you something that will be transformative for you and your business, and help you take off. 

Analysing Customer Feedback: The Power of Listening

Feedback Analysis 

Understanding what customers want- this is how I started my business. What does a customer want? This question acts as the basis for all your business queries. Whether you sell online or offline, it’s the customer you are aiming to serve.

Once a service or product is delivered, the after-sale service becomes important. While you sell online, you can take the feedback of your customer with the help of a short-survey or a feedback questionnaire. Feedback for offline services can be taken by taking a follow-up phone call and asking relevant questions.

Feedback is important as businesses are constantly working on various ways to improve customer satisfaction. Also, feedback aims at reducing the rate of churn. Companies want to retain their customers. They can only do so if they discover means to control the attrition of customers. Taking feedback and working on feedback is the only way by which businesses can retain their customers.

Ease of Submitting Feedback

Your customers are going to tell you what you need to work on or what you need to make better. You just need to listen carefully. While you sell online, you must ensure that an interactive platform is provided to the customers where they can reach out to the sellers and clear their doubts and also provide relevant feedback. 

Importance of Feedback

In the fashion, art, beauty and wellness industry, the service providers need to stay in touch with their customers. This is exactly how I started my business. I stayed in touch with my customers constantly asking for feedback or asking them what I could improve on. Also, updating your practices with the needs of the customers is quite important when you want to grow your business.

Listening to your customers and understanding what they want will keep your business up and running. Online businesses should focus on listening to their customers and implementing the necessary changes. Also, this builds in trust for a concerned business. 

Ways of Interacting with Customers

We can reach out to our customers and ask for their feedback in different ways. Understanding how to interact with customers will give you a picture of how I started my business. Listed below are some ways in which you can interact with the customers and understand what they want.

how to earn money online at home


Various businesses have an in-built chat system on their websites. These chatbots answer general queries of the customers. These queries are generally related to the business or the product or service the business offers. 

Feedbacks and Surveys

These are the most commonly used ways of getting to know what a consumer feels. These surveys have various questions on the product or services delivered. They aim at improving the customer experience. These surveys also help businesses in understanding what can be improved. 

Webinars and Live Streams

Businesses these days interact with their customers using webinars and live streams. This enables customers to interact with businesses in real-time. This method allows a two-way street of redressal of queries. Also, it develops an emotional connection between the customer and the business.

Social Media

Social media has become a very powerful tool in understanding customers. When you sell online, it becomes important for you to understand how social media influences your business and its perceived value. Understanding various social media channels plays a very important role in understanding how I started my business. 


For interacting with your customers, you must have a Facebook page of your business in place. This allows the customers to raise questions on your products or services via comments or messages. Also, this page will provide you with a platform for posting relevant information on your products and services. 

Facebook has the power to bring all your customers together. This will transform your page into a Facebook community. This will help you in engaging with your customers better. Also, you can analyse the level of interest of your customers through their likes, shares and comments.


Twitter can be effective in putting out your brand or service stories. Both large and small companies use twitter to engage with their customers. Twitter also acts as a help-desk for your business and can get your queries solved.

Instagram and Snapchat

These social media platforms have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. These platforms make use of images and videos to put their word out there. Various customer interactions can take place using these platforms. Also, the community can be used for the promotion of products or services, referrals, etc.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give customers a platform to express their honest feedback on a product or a service. These reviews can be posted by the customers on your website or the play store application. These reviews can help in knowing your customers better. Also, these reviews provide you with valuable insights into your business. Plus, you can get to know about the aspects of your business which need improvements.

Best ways to interact with your customers

In no time, customers can switch their service providers. To keep them loyal to your business, you will have to interact better.

  1. Talk with gratitude: Customers are going to stick with you only if you are empathetic towards them. You should always treat your customer with the utmost respect. Always keep your customers above everything else.
  2. Give them priority: Listen to what your customers have to say. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. If the queries of consumers are redressed in time, they are more likely to stick with you for long.

Transparency is Key

It is important to have clarity between yourself and a customer. Explain a situation well to address all the queries of your customers.

Effective Business Tactics: Evaluating a Customer

The best thing about being in college is that you have plenty of time to explore new things and find out the best fit for yourself. A 9-5 job is not for everyone, absolutely not for those who want to be their boss and run the show instead of taking orders from people. If you are reading this article and still in the early stages of your life, trust me, you will shape the life of your dreams. Let’s explore some of the most lucrative prospects in detail and know more about how to earn money online from home.

Content Creation

What do you do when you have to find out some relevant information about the topics being taught in your class? You simply Google it. Ever wondered who created all the content that you consume online on various websites? It’s the content writers who research and write about the relevant topics and help to address the queries of individuals like you. 

They don’t do it for free and they get paid a good amount of money for their work. You can work on your writing skills and start writing blog posts and articles for companies as a freelance writer. It is one of the easiest jobs you can do from home and earn decent money. 

Content is not just limited to writing blogs and articles. The demand for video content is increasing by the day. You can easily work on your video editing skills by learning from free online resources and start providing your video creation services to targeted clients.

Digital Marketing

The demand from digital marketing professionals is on an unprecedented level given the focus on online marketing by companies. Online marketing provides the best ROI for organisations and also helps them obtain relevant data that helps to improve their marketing strategy. In this digital world, there is a need for businesses to have an online presence.

 If you are interested in how social media and other online tools can be leveraged to market goods and services to the customer, you can start by learning digital marketing. Once you are aware of what goes into marketing the products and services digitally, you can start by pitching clients on freelance websites and provide your services. Since this skill is in high demand, you can easily find new clients without much experience. 


E-commerce sounds like a tough nut to crack but the reality is very different. With the advent of companies like Shop101, being an online seller is the easiest way to create a sustainable business for first-time entrepreneurs. Websites like can help you simplify the hassles of online selling by managing all the peripheral aspects of your e-commerce store.

Shop101 is among India’s leading e-commerce platforms that allow entrepreneurs to sell online and on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It can easily help you set up an online store in minutes, that too free of charge. You don’t even need to hold inventory. You can easily start as a reseller and sell products manufactured by other companies.

When your customers start selling your products, without you asking them or paying them – know that you have achieved something extraordinary as an entrepreneur. Point to note here is that the right product-customer match comes after considerable time and effort as an entrepreneur. This involves talking to your customers to understand what works and what doesn’t, creating a space for innovation and continuous room for improvement regardless of your success as an entrepreneur. 


We hope this article gave you all the information you needed. Meanwhile, do check out the video below and don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to us! We will also be happy to address all your questions, so do post them in the comments section below.


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Nikita Mirchandani

Nikita is quiet, sometimes too quiet until you get to know her - then she can be pretty loud. Always been a voracious reader, she reads anything she can get her hands on. 12/10 she would read a dictionary if she had nothing else. Loves writing, but hates grammar. She's an enigma in the making.



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