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It is difficult for moms to go back to work after a maternity leave.This is why online entrepreneurial training for new mothers is essential!

Are you a new mother? Do you want to start a business while enjoying motherhood? Want to learn more about entrepreneurship while experiencing motherhood? If the answer to all of these questions is a yes, think no more! With numerous free online courses, you can keep your skills updated. Upgrade your skills through online entrepreneurial training for new mothers to save time and money while also staying relevant to your professional goals.

Why should you consider online entrepreneurial training?

Motherhood is a journey that begins right at the time of conception. For working women, it is safe to say that they start planning ahead during their pregnancy itself. They try to assess the various possibilities when it comes to their professional life as motherhood is something that leaves you with little time for yourself. While some women find it easy to fix the gap between their maternity leave and getting back to work, some find it difficult. This is the reason why becoming an entrepreneur is the best option for new mothers as you can be your own boss!

Online entrepreneurial training for new mothers is something that will help you boost your career and start this entrepreneurial journey with ease. Setting up your own business can be scary at times. It does require training, guidance, right tools and the market in order to be successful and profitable online. So if you’re wondering why it is essential to get online entrepreneurial training, let us tell you why:

online entrepreneurial training for new mothers
  1. It teaches you to accept challenges and work towards them
  2. You learn to find the right work-life balance
  3. It helps you handle competitors in the right manner
  4. It gives you the confidence to work independently
  5. Since you’re your own boss, you develop leadership skills in the process
  6. You learn to take risks
  7. You automatically focus on being task driven
  8. As an employer and an employee, you plan to achieve your goals
  9. You can manage inventories, costs, transactions like a pro
  10. Since it is an ongoing process, you will learn and unlearn a lot of things on the ground

These 10 reasons are enough for you to get the training that you need and bounce back on your feet as a new mompreneur. In fact with the right online entrepreneurial training, not only will your confidence come back but so will your zest to work and manage your family.

Online entrepreneurial training for new mothers- Golden possibilities

So what exactly do you need to train in? What are the kind of jobs out there for a new mother you may wonder? Well, after a lot of research we have found that most new mothers prefer working from home. This is either due to lack of help and support of family or fear of leaving the child with an unknown person. The formative years of the child are very crucial. Hence most mothers switch to stay-at-home jobs after they have given birth. So let us look at the different job possibilities and online entrepreneurial training for new mothers out there.

Online training helps for one, helps to stay updated and relevant while efficiently managing personal responsibilities. Online learning offers you the flexibility to manage your own study schedule as well as prepare for your business. Thus, online training is the way to go before starting your own business venture. You can add a new skill to your resume and look quality education through online courses. Most top-notch universities of the world have launched free online courses which enables that.

Free online courses

online entrepreneurial training for new mothers

Online learning has become a popular choice nowadays due to the ease and high quality of learning. As an additional benefit, the best courses taught from top faculty worldwide are now available for free. If entrepreneurship has been on your mind, then motherhood could just be the right time to upgrade your skills. With a small baby to manage, entrepreneurship could be a favourable career option for you. An excellent free online course in entrepreneurship can help you acquire the skills required for business management.

Several online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, Edx, etc. can help you master the skills of managing a business. Through these free online courses, you can easily go from 0 to 101 in entrepreneurship. They offer short learning certificate courses for you and they don’t need any documents from you. You can pick the course you like, sign up for it and get started. At the end of these sessions, you receive a certificate which acknowledges that you’ve completed the course in due time and successfully.

Through these online training programs, you can discover decision-making techniques and problem-solving, which will help you run your own business. If you already own a small business, taking up these courses can help you take your business to new heights. In fact, you will learn a lot of finer details and details that you’re probably not aware of yet. The courses are very structured and gives you a bit by bit idea about how you can plan and execute your business ideas.

Free online entrepreneurial training is the perfect choice for building skills required to take your career to the next level. While staying committed to your home chores, including your newly found motherhood responsibilities; you will get to learn as well.

Start a Zero investment business

online entrepreneurial training for new mothers

Once you learn the basics of entrepreneurship, it will be time to start your own venture. Do you want to start something on your own but are worried because you do not have a lot of capital? Leave those worries behind; you can start your own business now with no cash! 

Shop101 is one such platform that gives wings to your entrepreneurship dreams. The Shop101 App helps you create your own online business of reselling. You can start reselling through WhatsApp, Facebook marketplace, and Instagram with zero investment. It is the perfect launchpad for mothers of new-born babies to be the entrepreneurs that they’ve always dreamt of being.

The process to start your own business is simple. Begin by registering on Shop 101 as a reseller. Once you have registered, you can pick from over 1 lakh products listed on the Shop101 catalog to resell online. Set up a margin that you wish to earn from every sale of the product. Make sure you set a lesser margin initially and once your sales pick up, you can increase it gradually. Furthermore, you can share links of your products on your social media handles with your family, friends, acquaintances, followers, etc. for reselling them. For reselling purposes, you can also consider creating business pages of your store, on different social media platforms. By creating business pages, you can also initiate direct sales from these pages as well by adding a ‘shop now’ button.

Next, you get to earn the margin that you had assigned for each of your products once the sale picks up. So it is really a 3 step process where you Pick, Share and Earn!


In today’s digital world, it is possible for young mothers to keep their skills and knowledge updated from the comfort of their homes through online training. After gaining the required skills through free online courses in entrepreneurship, all you have to do is explore platforms like Shop 101, which allow you to start your own business at no cost.

In fact, if you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, this could be a great time to begin your entrepreneurial journey. You have flexibility of time, can make your own decisions, have the perfect work-life balance, and a great business in your palms! So wait no more and find your calling with these ideas.

If you would like to know of the different jobs available for new moms then click here.


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An army wife and a mother to a toddler, she loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. A self proclaimed grammar nazi; loves to make memes in her free time.

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An army wife and a mother to a toddler, she loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. A self proclaimed grammar nazi; loves to make memes in her free time.



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