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This lockdown has made student life quite boring! Here are ways for students to earn money online and add to their existing pocket money.

When you’re pursuing your higher studies or a professional course, you’re mostly clear about how you want things to pan out. Once the studying part is over, students await campus placements or for that matter send out their applications to recruitment sites. But, do students really have to wait that long? Can students work while studying? The answer to the second question is, yes! In this article, we will talk about ways for students to earn money online.

Working while studying isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Most students want to take up work so that they can earn extra income through work from home jobs. This income is precious at a time when your life is all about hanging out with friends, splurging a bit and of course to pay off students loans, if any. So, how can students really balance their student life and their work life? Is this even a possibility? Let’s find out.

How to balance Work life and Student life

ways for students to earn money online

Students are at a phase in life where they are keen on learning, where they are open to new things and they have time to spare. This time can be best utilised if they take up work, but the key is to balance it. Here are 3 ways your work-student life can be balanced:

Have a Plan

Always have a plan in place. Your work and study time should not clash because both can suffer in the bargain. Plan your day by prioritising the more important aspect of life, which at this time is studying. Schedule your study time in such a way that your work time doesn’t cut in. Planning a schedule will help you juggle between the two, without much of a hassle. 

Focus on your Goal

If you have a plan for how you can balance work and studies, then the next thing is to focus on your goal. List down your goals where you can see it constantly. More often than not, we tend to get diverted when we are multi-tasking. To stay afloat, it is best to know what you are working towards, this helps keep you in line. Ask yourself questions like- “Why do I need to earn money online?”, “What kind of jobs will I find after this course?” and so on. These small reminders will serve the purpose and help you focus.

Prepare for Changes

When you’re doing things that are important in equal measures, you’re bound to experience some glitches. For example, if you’re appearing for your exams, that’s around the corner and you also have to submit work to your client simultaneously; you will have to do both. How you do it will matter in the end. Don’t panic, because this Catch22 situation can happen to anyone. It is better to prepare yourself in advance so that your plan and goal don’t become too confusing. Last minute changes can come from either end, so the key is to leave some spare time in the day; where you can manage all this.

These were just the 3 main challenges that you will have to experience if you work while studying. That being said, it also depends a lot on the kind of job you take up. Some jobs can be extremely demanding and others not so much. So let us tell you about a few work from home online jobsthat will help you find the right balance.

5 Best Ways for Students to Earn Money Online

Listed below are some unique but profitable job opportunities for you as students.

ways for students to earn money online

Apart from the ones mentioned above, check out other options that will help you earn money online.

Online Tutoring

One of the most common online jobs that students prefer is online tutoring. Here they either conduct live classes with other students or prepare course material in advance and post it on their page/channel. Tutoring in a way doesn’t break the flow of studying because it also like a branch of it. They can charge either on a per session basis or per student basis.

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Online Reselling- A great way for students to earn money online without investment

Many students dream of becoming an entrepreneur because they are so full of ideas, that they often want to fulfil these dreams. However, what really worries them is the costs involved in setting up that business. To solve this problem, the idea of online reselling comes into the picture, opening its doors to everyone.

You can become an online reseller either by sourcing products from manufacturers and selling them or signing up online reselling portals that support the same. In the latter’s case, you need zero investments. Especially in the case of the Shop101 app, which allows you to create your very own store in less than 2 minutes. It is a risk free model which is great for students who can’t afford risks at this point. 

All you need to do is pick products from their catalog, share them on social media and earn!

Since all the students these days are equipped with smart phones and good internet, this job option is the best one there is.

Content Writing

If you love writing and have a flair for it, then this is a really good option to consider. Set up your profile on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc. and mention the niche you’d like to write about. Use appropriate keywords, describing your skills so that clients can reach you easily. Research the market and list down your pricing. This definitely qualifies to be on the list of interesting ways for students to earn money online.

Selling Photographs is a great way for students to earn money online

As mentioned earlier, most students have good smartphones for their perusal. In fact, some of them can really capture moments exceptionally well. If you think you have the ability to click good pictures, why not sell them? We have shutterstock, pixabay, pexels which have subscriptions for its users. Sell your pictures to these sites and start earning.

Conduct Surveys

Filling out surveys in a day is neither time consuming nor stressful. It requires you to complete a target and you get paid for every survey you fill. This job doesn’t require any experience either. So, it is ideal for students.


We hope more students find new and innovative ways to stay engaged in this lockdown and add to their productivity. Stay home, Stay Safe!


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An army wife and a mother to a toddler, she loves to write, travel and add a dash of humour wherever she goes. A self proclaimed grammar nazi; loves to make memes in her free time.



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